Murgia, our amazing Land

Our largest vineyard lies on the ridge of two geologic zones typical of Murgia: Calvinite of Gravina and limestone of Altamura, rich in skeleton with emerging rocks and top layer of red soil with a thickness varying from 5 to 30 cm. The geology of both areas is characterized by deep fractures, leading to the absence of water stagnations and radical rotations, minor problems of fungal attacks, reduction of plant protection requirements, however, when it is needed, occurs with foliar biological agents.

The superficial skeleton also provides a thermal shade to the sun’s rays, avoiding overheating of the roots Our during the warmer hours, resulting in the well-being of the entire plant. The hostility of the substrate naturally obstructs the excessive productivity and vigor of plants with inevitably greater concentration in the fruit. Our planting system (0.7x2m) with the presence of about 7,200 blocks per hectare allows us to produce 400-600 grams per plant while main-taining productions that, depending on the vintage, are between 30 and 45 lb / ha. Our vineyard, with north-south exposure with a dominant position over the surrounding terrains, benefits from the sunset wind effect and in fact we find it hard to find mold bumps or other fungal attacks. The name Pietraventosa is born from the union of stone and wind.